We celebrated National Women’s Day in style this year with music, dancing, refreshments and more.

Women’s Day celebrations in South Africa are held in honour of the 20,000 women that marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria in 1956. They were protesting against the discriminatory ‘pass laws’ which had restricted the movement of people designated as “black” by the South African government.

Celebrations across South Africa

The month of August now sees celebrations across the country with activities aiming to create awareness of the significant issues that women face in South Africa such as unequal pay, parenting, domestic violence and harassment in the workplace.

A local farm in the Agricultural centre of Maswiri, welcomed over 139 guests from different government departments such as the Department of Correctional Service, the South African Social Security Agency, the Department of Health and also Peggy Nyabane, the Councellor for the Musina municipality.

Free gifts and activities

Through the Nancy Tweddle Foundation over 500 women in local farming workforces were presented with an eye-catching orange bag and various essentials from the SA government, including nappies and contraception. Activities on the day included dance performances, traditional singing, a break for refreshments and a speech from the Correctional Service Commissioner, Marubini Solly Netshivhazwaulu.

The women also enjoyed speeches on wellness from the Department of Health as well as information on how to help avoid STI’s and diseases such as TB and HIV.