We are delighted to report that Nancy Tweddle Foundation supported rugby team, Eric Louw High school’s under 15 team have won their league championship. We supported a local high school’s rugby team with new equipment and a refurbished scrum machine.

On July 13thEric Louw played in the final league game against Warbad with a score of 26/5 in favour of the home team. The feisty encounter capped off a memorable league season for the young players.

Practice makes perfect

The scrum machine allows youngsters to hone their skills and it’s certainly working! For the first time in 16 years, the under 15’s of Eric Louw high School have won the league. The team are also ranked first in the rugby mad Limpopo province.

Supporting communities in South Africa

We continue to support South Africa Rugby Union’s Rugby Education Foundation, which includes the sponsoring of two extremely talented young players. The programme supports “exciting, predominantly black, young talent”, in its four rugby academies, by giving players a chance to study at university, or technical institution, while undertaking rugby training.

We also provided funds to ‘Adopt-a-Mission’, a volunteer-run charity that provides food to struggling families in the Brooklyn suburb of South Africa. Our sponsorship also helps the charity host events throughout the year, including a Christmas braai for all local families; as well as distribute an annual goody bag to men and women of Brooklyn containing a Bible, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, body lotion and bar of soap.

Please see the news section on our Nancy Tweddle Foundation website for further information on our commitment to help better communities.