In a world still in the midst of a pandemic, sporting events and in particular grass roots football, have been impacted massively.

However, as restrictions start to ease globally, and the world adjusts to a ‘new normal’, sport and group activities are becoming more commonplace.

We’re thrilled to continue supporting community initiative, Rockafellas Football Club in South Africa.

Rockafellas are a volunteer driven football club and non-profitable organization with a focus on keeping South African youths away from the prolific gang and drug related crimes associated with the township areas of Cape Town.

Season preparation

In preparation for the forthcoming season of football, dry Run fixtures within the Michell’s Plain Local Football Association were launched last month to test the club and facility COVID-19 protocols that have been put into place to ensure safety of competitors and the coaching staff.

The Rockafellas pre-season friendlies were a great success in the local community and included a memorable U14 division clash, with Rockafellas winning 7-1 and the U18’s running away with a 5-0 victory in another fantastic display.