The Adopt a mission outreach programme is a volunteer-run charity that we are pleased to support through our Nancy Tweddle Foundation, helping to break the cycle of poverty and crime.

Adopt a Mission provides food and support to the local community who need it most in Brooklyn, South Africa. They also work with local residents to help them gain employment as well as providing transport for local children so that they can participate in educational programmes.

Continuing to support Adopt a mission

Throughout 2020, we will continue to support Adopt a mission and the important work that they carry out in local South African communities.
Nancy Tweddle Foundation Director, Yvonne says “We are very happy and proud to continue to support such a worthy cause throughout the next year. Their ongoing positive impact in the community provides a much needed boost to the local area and has proven to make a real difference.”

Changing lives in South Africa

Positively benefitting lives through the Transformation and Work for Food Programmes, Adopt a Mission looks to change the lives of addicts in local communities with the aim of them breaking free from the cycle of poverty and crime.
The ‘Transformation Programme’ assists in the rehabilitation of alcohol and drug addicts, as well as facilitating their entry into formal rehab if it is required. The programme also aims to restore the character and values of the participants, ultimately preparing them to re-enter the world of work.
Similarly, the ‘Work for Food Programme’ is an initiative that aims to establish good working habits through promoting respect, teamwork and punctuality. The programme looks to re-integrate unemployed addicts and the homeless back into work whilst also providing access to skills development initiatives.

Providing a helping hand

Friends of Adopt a mission provide a helping hand to those in need through the delivery of fresh vegetables to local communities each week, organising transport for Primary School children to further their education, arranging community barbeques, collecting pre-loved clothes to hand out to those in need, providing toiletries to disadvantaged individuals as well as transformative programmes promoting a drug free life.